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Our focus is meeting and serving the need of our client with healthy and diverse options that are affordable, obtainable and create sustainability. There is no one option that meets everyone's needs. Our top values are honesty in health, diversity, and collaboration. We know that if we aren't serving and meeting the need, you are not succeeding. We also understand that when our entire team works together with yours, new ideas flow and processes change to create a healthier and well environment. That's our promise to you.

Meet Gwen

This is Gwen. She's our Chief Nursing Officer. When it comes to the phrase, “your health is your wealth” – there are few people who embody it better than esteemed nurse and nutritionist, Gwendolyn S. Woody. As the founder of The Wellness Loft, she educates and empowers women of color to kick the glucose habit and sugar addiction and adopt a healthier lifestyle. With an innate compassion for helping others, Gwendolyn is living out her dreams as she continues to help people pave the way to create healthier lifestyles and environments. Gwendolyn also loves to cook and enjoys the outdoors.

The Color Of My Skin Does Not Determine My Healthcare.

- Gwendolyn Woody

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