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Wellness WERKS 8

Nurse Owned and Operated

Certified Diabetes Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

Wellness WERKS 8 is a Diabetes Health and Wellness Company that focuses on affordable, obtainable, and sustainable methods to help create healthier people.

We understand that everyone can not afford healthier and well options. Our goal is to implement practices, strategies, and products that allow persons to become healthier and well.

As a Nurse Owned business with education, certification, experience, a strong knowledge base we focus on the person and their health and wellness goal while utilizing the 8 facets of wellness and motivational interviewing.

Your healing is our business. We want you to

Live and Be Well

  • Coaching

  • Motivation

  • Nutrition

  • Meal Planning

  • Guidance

  • Stressless Techniques

  • Individual and Group Education

    We look forward to assisting you on your health and wellness journey.

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