Detox Tea


Detox Tea


What is the hype about the tea? Does the tea really work? What is in the tea? If it really worked would it be so available? I just don't think so. These teas don't really support the claims made by those who champion tea detoxes, but there's no real harm in drinking these types of teas unless they list senna as an ingredient. Senna is an FDA-approved, non-prescription laxative, and we don't think any doctor would recommend drinking laxatives daily as they cause electrolyte and fluid loss.There is science to back up this claim.

Verdict: Most teas are healthful, so there's no harm in adding them to your diet even if they won't actually serve to detox anything.


I cant sell you sex, nor can I promise you a flat gut or round bottom, but what I can do is give you information for you to make a decision on what you consume.


In March we will start a 3 day Detox that will include an e- book, private group, recipes, support, webinars, and coaching. Let's Detox to Wellness and get ready for spring the right way.

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Gwendolyn Woody