What is Wellness?

Wellness is both a process and an outcome. As a process, people who live a life of wellness actively engage, pursue, and maintain a life of good health. As an outcome, wellness includes a state of measurably positive mental, physical and emotional health.

It’s important to note that a life of wellness doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of disease. For example, a person living with a chronic disease who actively manages disease with medication and a healthy lifestyle is in pursuit of wellness – and therefore, leads a life of wellness. Employer-sponsored wellness programs aim to empower employees to live and lead a life of wellness and ultimately reduce healthcare costs.


How do wellness programs work?

A wellness program aims to address one or more health issues to help prevent or manage disease. For example, if obesity is affecting you, it may be a good idea to engage in weight loss program where You can achieve Your goals.

Take your program to the next level through With a Wellness Professional that you can track progress, integrate with fitness devices, and incentivize success. The complexity of the program depends on the desired outcomes and wellness strategy you Desire.

Which type of wellness program should I start with?

As wellness programs have become increasingly popular, more competitive and cost-effective options have become available to Persons looking to implement Lifestyle and wellness solutions. Unfortunately, the selection of these solutions aren’t as strategic as the programs themselves.

At Wellness WERKS 8, We focus on the person and their specific needs. some programs take a shot in the dark and simply guess or randomly select the best Group Benefit for you. let's Take out the guesswork and find your focus through Comprehensive Coaching and education.

For Employers We offer aggregate reporting, so you can quantitatively determine which types of disease your at-risk employee population is affected by as well as lay the groundwork for your wellness strategy.

How do I I measure wellness program effectiveness and success?

The effectiveness and success of your wellness program is largely dependent on your objectives. What do you want to achieve with your program? what do you want to improve?

Whichever type of program you plan to implement, begin with the end in mind to best measure success. The more comprehensive your wellness strategy, the greater the return on investment.

Why hire a Lifestyle Coach?

to develop a better relationship with You and your loved ones. That may sound like an odd reason but let’s examine it in more detail. Many of us blame any number of circumstances and people for the quality of our lives. Though many different life situations and people do have an influence on us, choosing to work with a life coach means that you are taking full responsibility of your life going forward. This frees up the energy caught up in past disappointments, resentments, and bitterness.

Furthermore, as you learn how to create a life you desire and see actual results, you will develop a greater appreciation for life and those around you. Your positive energy will influence how you relate to your loved ones. Your real-life results may inspire those around you to pursue their own goals. Your newfound energy, appreciation, and sense of responsibility will elevate the quality of your relationships. It will also mean that you remove the pressure you may have put on others to offer you advice, support, and accountability for your goals, so the time your spend with your loved ones can be focused on enjoying and truly appreciating each person exactly as they are. You start seeing them as unique individuals instead of people who owe you something or have denied you something. In the process, you become stronger and more skilled at living a better quality of life.