The Wellness Loft.


Welcome to Wellness WERKS 8. We are here to help you become your healthiest with the 8 facets of wellness. Through a variety of learning opportunities we will explore the 8 facets of wellness to create a healthier you. The eight facets of wellness are environmental, emotional, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. Live and Be WELL.

During our classes you will learn tips that will help you obtain your goal of wellness. We will also have Wellness FRUIT. Wellness FRUIT is a take away that you can reuse to benefit you. We have several classes designed by me that are interactive, fun, and demonstrate results. Our process is not to focus on numbers, but on you and your needs for wellness.

I am a nurse, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and certified by the CDC to teach diabetes education. Your health matters to me. You are greatly appreciated allowing me to join you in your wellness journey. Live and Be Well

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