Our Story

Diabetes has played a pivotal role in my family. Diabetes had been the family friend that came by to often and took what ever and whoever it wanted.

When I was 7 years of age, I had 5 family members pass from preventable disease, all 1-2 weeks apart from each other. Again in my 20's the Same thing happened. I didn't understand and just placed it to the back of my mind. In my 30's as I began my family there were 7 family members that died 1-2 weeks apart, this was clearly a pattern and not normal. I focused on my children and promised them they would not have to worry about our family succumbing to preventable disease. 

My mother called me one day and told me that she was diagnosed as a Pre-Diabetic. I could not fathom the fact that my mother could pass from Diabetes and my commorbidities as others have. I could not allow this.

I became a Certified Pre - Diabetes Lifestyle coach to help others heal and create a healthier self. I also received certification in Diabetes, Yoga, and Chronic Illness. In turn my goal was to help others create a healthier families, which would encourage healthier communities.  We are dying to young from things that are preventable, such as diabetes.

I believe in the 8 facets of Wellness and Health literacy to create a healthier whole and well person. our families deserve our longevity.

Gwendolyn S. Woody, LPN

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