Our Story

I Experienced Death at an early age. When I was 7 years of age, i had 5 family members pass from Preventable disease, all 1-2 weeks apart from each other. Again in my 20's the Same thing happened. I Didn't understand and just placed it to the back of my mind. in my 30's as i began my family there were 7 family members that died 10-2 weeks apart, this was clearly a pattern and not normal. I focused on my children and promised them they would not have to worry about our family succumbing to preventable disease. 

i became a certified pre - diabetes lifestyle coach to help others heal and create a healthier self, In turn create a healthier family, which would encourage a healthier community.  in this society we are dying to young from things that are preventable. 

i believe in the 8 facets of Wellness and Health literacy to create a healthier whole and well person. our families deserve our longevity.