Wellness Services



Yoga allows us to practice being in the moment just as we are. Along wtih stress relief, pain relief, better breathing techniques, flexibility, weight management, and improved circulation, yoga brings us to inner peace.  be sue to subscribe to keep up with the most current yoaga techniques and classes.

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The 8 Facets of Wellness

Emotional Wellness - Coping Mechanisms 

Environmental Wellness - Your Space 

Financial Wellness - Managing Your Resources

Intellectual Wellness - Learning Oppurtunities

Occupational Wellness - Career Happiness

Physical Wellness - Being Active

Social Wellness - Relationships

Spiritual Wellness - Faith and Belief

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Live and Be Well Classes

These classes focus on creating and maintaining wellness to become and stay healthier.

Live and Be Well
This is a 9 week learning opportunity for those that what to learn the 8 facets of wellness. This class will touch on each facet of wellness and the participants will each receive an hour of coaching. Participants will always have access to recorded class. 
$100.00 deposit and 8 payments of $49.99 weekly. There are no refunds.

This is our introductory learning opportunity. This class will focus on mindset, motivation, and mission. There are three classes and one personal coaching session. 
$40.00 deposit and 2 payments of $24.44 weekly. There are no refunds.

Health Series
This is a biweekly learning opportunity that will talk about health related subjects to increase health literacy. 
Cost: $30.00 a class or subscription for a year $250.00 = $50.00 deposit and 10 payments  of $20.00 weekly. There are no refunds.

Coming soon: Diabetes Prevention Classes
                         The Later Years
                         Drop in Yoga

Diabetic Life Coach
We take control of your disease, so you disease doesn’t control you. 
Cost: $350 for 8 hours = 1 hour a week
Deposit $100.00 and 4 payments of $62.50 weekly. 

When classes are paid in full you receive 10% off. 

We are available for private and public events. Please click the  image for course enrollment to begin your wellness journey today!